Sunday, October 4, 2009

V/A - Noir De Coeur EP (AGLIA002)

"NOIR DE COEUR EP" is the second projet of the aglia records label, with the theme" africa "or perfect mixing between jazz, afro and electro dub style. to do this, krispaglia turned to 3 talented artists: melchyor a (razana prod, rec soulshine, slip and slide, ludovic allen (tribal winds, real tone, basenotic, gswing) rochdee (rec elephunk, boys basment rec)and krispaglia (aglia records) to give their musical vision on this continent. melchyor a feat long bass: house of groove: "afro house classic pure style" ludovic allen feat mediff : darkside: moody dub vocal house track. rochdee: idealgroove: pure afro dub athmosferic track krispaglia: noir de coeur:rhodes fx by françois a : accid moody dub house track. electronic african style on aglia 002.

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Krispaglia - Noir de Coeur

Ludovic Allen feat. Medif - Darkside

Rochdee - Ideal Groove

Melchyor A - House Of Groove feat. Long Bass

Agoria (Infiné / Fr.): What a record! dope, full support, great work, hope it will rockin' the world, viva aglia!

Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep / Irl.): Strong ep. All tracks cool but Melchyor A jumping out at me - great bass groove.

Basic Soul Unit (Versatile/Philpot/Ostgut Ton): Noir de coeur is really nice, thx.

Marcia Carr (ladybugz/playback / UK): This time round i am really getting into deep moody essence of krispaglia remix. followed by the stomping, tech bounce of rochdee's mix for a bit more energy on dance floors, plus that melchyor rub full of african rhythm with the percussion, gorgeous layered strings and the plucky, funk-fuelled bass which is sticking in my head already along with the hook makes for a solid package highlighting some deeper shades of house... 8/10.

Timo Rotonen ( / Finl.): A very refreshing take on house music - quality and originality are the factors that set this one apart from the rest. From the jazzy vibes of Melchyor to the raw groove of Rochdee, 4 tracks of highest quality - hard to pick out a favourite, but Krispaglia immediately found its way to a new mix I'm working on. Keep 'em coming, you've set the bar & expectations high!

Michael Fossati ( / Switz.): nice collection of deep and dark yet soulful tracks you’ve got here… and then Melchyor A brings a lovely jazz-funk twist to the release – sweet.

Krispaglia - Dis Poesy of Jah (AGLIA001)

Dis poesy of jah 'is the 1st ep of krispaglia, french artist, fascinated by the athosphéric sounds and abstract dub, we offer 4 tracks in these environments.
One enters the a side with "the jah" a track dub house african roots with african voices and drums accompanied by sustained athmospheric synth to continue in these environments with "je prie pour vous" track gospel dub house or broken drum mixes and gospel sample voice and abstract synth.
The b side leaves speak dub tinged with afro. dubwality dub experimental house and minimal and magnetic 'n'south dub afro athmospheric afro rhodes tunes and african female voices. when the dub, afro, abstract, the roots marry well with the house here is the perfect definition of aglia records.

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